What I Like

img_whatilike1The Drummer.
This is what I am known for because I started holding the drumsticks ever since I was 12 years old. I became the school drummer back in high school, and I am currently playing for our band.

img_whatilike2 The Music lover.
But I wasn't contented with the drums, and started playing the guitar as well. Bass, lead, even the keyboard. I guess everything can be achieved as long as you practice hard enough.

img_whatilike3 The Webpage Developer.
My interest in computers made me discontented with a Management course, and I pushed through in studying programming and web page developing. This is what I love doing.

img_whatilike4 The Car lover.
I used to love cars ever since i was born. i know everything about cars. From racing cams to traction control, rocker-arms to exhaust manifolds, stabilizers to short-throw shift knobs, everything! kidding?... try me!

img_whatilike5 The Foodaholic.
Honestly, I'm such a pizza and tomato lover. From Dominos and Sbarro to home-made pizzas, From salsa to fresh tomatoes, Name it, I eat it. And don't be surprised with my big appetite.

img_whatilike6 The Sporty.
No, No, I used to play baseball, but ever since I started holding the drumsticks, I let go of the bat.


manoballs said...

Keep me posted on any useful things on your blog, tho pages are not completed yet I'll follow you anyway.

see you later bro.